The Center for Mantra Meditation

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The Center for Mantra Meditation

An Ohio 501c3 Corporation [pending]

Meditation, prayer, acts of compassion all enliven your divine spark every time you choose for simple, human, loving kindness.

Whatever your beliefs, the candles are many, the light is one.  The mantras we teach and that we use are from a very specific source, Sri Kaleshwar's knowledge and teachings.  They do not require any belief. 

The practice is simple, and powerful.

The Mission of the Center for Mantra Meditation is:

To advance the science and practice of mantra meditation

to address and to heal the fears that debilitate

and give rise to depression, addiction, stress and conflict:

personal, local, and global.

You learn and use simple mantra meditations and make them part of your life, as you are moved. 

You experience a stillness from your first meditation that emerges and is more available to you the more you use the tools.

No prior meditation experience necessary.

There is much suffering in the world today. The Love of the Divine is

available to help heal the heartbreak and isolation

the keep us afraid and alone.

Call, text or email for more information, today.


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