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I was beside myself with unrelenting shoulder pain coming from an inflamed nerve in my neck.  I was on a heavy duty narcotic and unable to drive for 3 weeks. I then remembered my previous and excellent experiences with Himavat Ishaya. I was near tears with frustration when I called him to see if he were willing to "travel on-site" to come to me.

Because of his ability to sense the problem and his tools of clinical reflexology and spiritual training, he was successful.

Nearly all of the shoulder pain was gone by the following morning. I then took myself off of the Percocet I had been taking.  I was then able to drive again and resume a missing part of my life including doing relaxation massage for my friends and clients.

Before I asked Himavat to help me I had gone to 4 doctors, my acupuncturist, and 3 of my favorite massage therapists. I had been on a series of pain medications. The only one that worked was Percocet which is a stronger drug than I like to take. The turning point in this injury was to ask Himavat to help me.

I highly recommend Himavat, who is having a series of remarkable results with difficult cases.

Bruce Strickland

Testimonial, Gina Perry, N.D.

I first met Himavat at a local community gathering following a celebration of committed, conscious and intentional and inspired men.  I was immediately drawn to his kind and gentle spirit.

Through the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Himavat in a professional capacity as well as developing a warm friendship with him.  I’ve had the opportunity to be his client, and his teaching has had a major impact on my  life, giving me strategies that I’ve been able to draw upon over and over through the years.

I have also referred many of my patients to him and have been particularly impressed with the level of breakthrough that these patients have experienced.  Himavat is authentic.  He is a gifted and compassionate healer.  He is a wise and enlightened teacher who blesses all with whom he comes in contact.  He truly is changing the world around him.

I was experiencing shortness of breath, a heavy chest feeling and overall difficulties with breathing for approximately 3 weeks. When my symptoms became significantly worse, I saw my doctor to see if she could help me. I had 2 EKGs, blood work and a chest x-ray, all which came back normal. The doctor could not find anything wrong with me, yet my symptoms persisted. She recommended that I have a CT scan done to determine if anything else was wrong.

I cut back on workouts (to my extreme dismay) and took allergy medication but nothing was working. I decided that I did not want to pay thousands of dollars to have a CT scan done so I decided to schedule a reflexology appointment with Himavat. To be honest, I am not one that readily subscribes to the mind, body, soul connection [emphasis added] but I was at the end of my rope and staring at a potential $5,000.00 medical bill.


I had one treatment with Himavat and I no longer have breathing issues. Himavat literally saved me thousands of dollars! I went in to my session with an open mind and willing to listen to what Himavat asked me to do and what he had to say; anything to be back to normal.

As I sit here right now, my breathing is back to normal, I am back on my regular work out routine, and I feel great. I cannot attribute my turn around to anything else but my session with Himavat. I cannot describe it, but it worked and I am beyond grateful for the help I received both during my session and after it was over. Thank you a million times, or should I say at least $5,000.00 worth of thank you!

Meghan, [click name for link] Cincinnati, OH

I had a Sciatic problem in my right leg for almost 18 months. 

I was introduced to Himavat and The Sages' Touch and I a, Healed!! 

No, really.....I do not have any more leg pain. 

It took about 2-3 reflexology treatments and it is truly gone. 

Check it out! 

Or call me and I can tell you about his talents!

— Katie Fitzgerald-Hoffman , Cincinnati, OH

After suffering from allergies and sinus problems most of my life I took allergy medicine and was advised to have sinus surgery. 

Last year I had my first two experiences with The Sages' Touch.  The visit consisted of reflexology on the bottom of my feet along with a thorough explanation of reflexology and principles of healing and wellness.  

I experienced miraculous results.  My allergies and my sinus flare ups subsided for almost a year.

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