About Healing4Now

Himavat Ishaya

Access your direct connection to your Soul and to Infinite Intelligence already within you.

Experience the divine power of unconditional love washing away unconscious habits of judgement and separation.

Release the grip of your monkey mind  and bathe in the balm of the truth of your Infinite Self.

Disengage from unconscious habits and beliefs creating separation and choose for the truth of your connection to all of Creation.


Himavat trained in Vedic and yogic philosophy and practice with Indian spiritual master Sri Kaleshwar in Penukonda, India, and his senior teachers, beginning in 2008.  He continues to work, study and practice with Nadira Seeram, senior student of Sri Kaleshwar, and teacher of Kaleshwar's knowledge.

He brings more than 23 years of teaching meditation around the world to you, here, now.