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Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami taught teachers and focused on helping create masters in the world.  "The only difference between you and me is I know something you don't know"  His mission is to awaken souls to their divine truth.  His focus on bringing the Divine Feminine back to the world is inherent in all of his teachings and his works.



The key principle of Healing 4 Humanity is the recognition and generation of the power of change, that is the energy that shifts attention, shifts focus, shifts consciousness.

It is not the energy of a different focus, but the power to shift it and to break through the locks of debilitating stress and conflict. Accessing the power of change opens possibilities beyond any fear, hope or expectation.

Healing 4 Humanity is based in England where clients can be seen for personal courses.


Mothers4Humanity is about the Divine Truth of you and your soul.  

Your soul does the work.  Your mind becomes the wonderful servant it was designed to be.