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Events & Classes


No experience necessary.

  • Basic Mantra Meditation

  • Peace Circles Processes, Levels I, II, and III

  • Sri Kaleshwar's Classes:

    • Five Elements Class

    • Holy Womb Chakra Yantra Class

    • Kalachakra Chakra Yantra Class

      • much more

Contact Himavat for details.

Fire Pujas

Send your prayers to the Divine by way of the flames.  Just looking at a fire can bring about a lovely state of relaxation.  There is miraculous divine loving power in the fire element.  Use Ancient Science for the modern world by way of specific prayers, called mantras, around a special fire intended to uplift and carry your deepest loving desires directly to the Divine.    Contact Himavat for schedule

Five Elements

The Five Elements Process © is the foundation of Sri Kaleshwar's knowledge system.  Earth, fire, sky (ether), water and air (wind) are the building blocks of the entire Universe.  Learn how to access the properties of the five elements and access divine loving energy to change your world.

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