Why Now? 

Why Not Now?

Do not trust the time.
What does that mean?

All we get is this day, today. 
("The future is uncertain, eat dessert first.") 
Kidding aside, when we remember to do our best to do the best we can with what we have, each moment becomes more precious. 
Time can and will slip away, often without our notice, until we remember to value all that we are: divine souls having a human experience.

"The story you tell yourself matters."
Nadira Seeram
There is an ancient power and healing effect from Sri Kaleshwar's mantra meditations and processes that directly creates a calming and internal focus
to help wash away your doubts, fears, worries and your stressors.

You can create a different story for your self and your world when you have a direct experience of the truth of your soul.

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