Peace Circles Processes

Access Peace from the inside out

The principle of peace is our natural state of being and when we feel blocked from this state we are believing false ideas about ourselves, taking life personally, and projecting this confusion outward effecting ourselves and others. 

Peace Circles is a healing system that directly transmits divine loving energy from creation’s source and will dismantle the false identity of the ego that keeps us hooked in fear, hopelessness, and self doubt. This purification process will strengthen spiritual confidence and restore the clarity that embodies perfect peace. 

Peace Circles Levels 1,2 & 3

Levels 1 & 2

Open your channels of consciousness to the field of potential.

No prior experience necessary for Level 1

Bring greater clarity to your life; reveal and release patterns of fear, stress, anxiety and trauma; understand and engage divine protection; and create a personal practice for self-healing. 


All forms of stuck energy patterns can be healed.

Level 3

Conflict Resolution / Creative Solutions

  • Extend the healing of fear, pain and suffering more into your world.

  • Releasing and observing your intention for healing without trying, for those in need of relief and peace.

  • Develop your soul perspective.

  • Experience the healing power of the Silence.

Meditation Classes

Mantra Meditation

Meditation is first and foremost for your soul. 

It focuses and redirects the mind with the least amount of resistance.

It brings you to a state of attention without tension.

Mantras, as precise mechanisms, are the keys to the doors of consciousness.


You can remember what life has taught you to forget, and return to

the knowingness of no minding, no needing.


You experience a deep Stillness, as your sense of awareness

dissolves back into the Silence.


Soul Growth and Training

The soul wants to open and know its consciousness like a child learning to know itself.

It has to understand its energy, what makes it operate and then it can instruct its mind.

Soul training leads to natural problem-solving, understanding the unfathomable,

restoring balance and leading change.

Meditation trains the soul to direct the consciousness rather than

the ego-centric mind manipulating the consciousness.

Personal Healing Sessions

In Person, or Distance


Hands-on and mantra based practices facilitate powerful healing.

In person or long-distance healing sessions available.


Mantras direct the attention and awareness of the mind

to the soul and soul-consciousness.

Release blocks that can keep energy stuck:

physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Experience your capacity to think, feel and act

with more freedom,

starting today.