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True Healing from the Inside-Out

The reality of the connection of the heart, the mind, the body, and the soul is neither a belief system nor a myth.  It is a science thousands of years old.  Experience your direct connection to your ability to heal deep stresses, disarm the unhealthy fight-flight-fear response, and develop your clarity of the power of Creation within you.

The Science of the Soul is a combination of ancient mantras, formulae and processes that have been given by the grace of an embodied channel of consciousness, Sri Kaleshwarwith instruction from his teacher, Shirdi Sai Baba and ancient palm leaf manuscripts.  

These manuscripts hold the direct revelations from the Divine Mother of Creation as a gift for the Soul to realize itself as Her Cosmic Principle.

Connecting Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, 

you create from the inside out

the optimal environment for healing

and wellness on all levels.


Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage in 1992, first trained in reflexology in 1977, certified instructor in modern and ancient meditation systems since 1997, palpating the cranial pulse and listening

from the heart and soul since 1993,

Himavat Ishaya brings more than 40 years

of experience and connection to his clients.

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