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Cranial Rhythm Gateways


The physical body is a vessel for divine energy.  One of the most subtle and powerful expressions of that divine energy at the physical level is the cranial rhythm.  That rhythm moves in close relationship to consciousness.

When consciousness is aware of the divine energy of love, wholeness, connection and peace, false beliefs in separation, fear, and doubt are released and oneness reveals.

Awareness opens the mind, the body and the heart to the soul.  Unconditional love flows with divine grace and restores a balance to your whole self, beyond your beliefs in separation and your emotions of worry and of fear.


It is a lot like energy work.  The cranial pulse is responsible for moving the cerebrospinal fluid around the central nervous system.  The consciousness of that pulse recognizes when it is being listened to.  In that recognition, profound changes of consciousness occur.  It is that conversation between your cranial pulse and my palpation /  listening that evokes profound healing.

Inviting you to that level of awareness, the Cranial Rhythm Gateway work can include hands-on work, or simply engage the power of the breath and the heart-mind-body connection to allow the Silence already within you to come forward.

From that Silence, profound release of stress can affect lasting change.

Book a session today at 

Cougar Sound Spirits Healing Center
77 Penacook Road
Sutton, NH 03260
call, text, or email Himavat for details: 513-288-1306,

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