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Your Emotions Will Bind You or Free You

My emotions either take me more into my mind or more into my soul. We believe our heart is the center of our emotional world. There are two very different levels of your heart.

In Sanskrit, there are two distinct and different words for the heart chakra, often misunderstood to be interchangeable.

The first, anahata, describes the more surface level of your heart, where all your emotions live and move, both positive and negative: joy, contentment, anticipation, admiration, surprise, sadness, anger, fear, hurt, trust, etc. The second, hrydaya, sometimes known as your inner heart, or your heart of hearts, is where unconditional love always has and always will live and move.

That deeper unconditional love is always there, but when I get caught by my monkey mind, and begin to feel like I need to defend myself from “you,” or “them,” I lose my capacity to engage the power of that unconditional love, I lose track of the guidance my soul is trying to provide. I feel afraid, and any old sense of hurt rushes to the surface of my conscious awareness. Talk about a choice point, there it is.

One road leads to more freedom, one road leads to more bondage to my irrational, deluded fears and sense of being separate from you and the rest of the world. From which place I am more likely to feel hurt, believe in the hurt, and project out that hurt, even if I believe I have been able to “heal” those feelings.

I recently had a brief conversation with a friend of mine who, on account of the subject of the conversation, got very passionate about his “position,” defending his beliefs, and even verbally attacking his perceived “enemies.” My mind wanted to engage in argument with him, from a belief in my mind about his misguided loyalties. Instead, I listened, reflected back to him what I heard him saying, and he felt

heard. His defensiveness went away. My heart knew he wanted to be heard. My mind, wanting to be right had no velcro to stick to. That is how we will create peace: through noticing what the mind wants us to believe and defend, and then making a different choice, that is: acting from compassion, which is of the connection at the level of the soul, informing the heart and the mind. That choice and those actions in the world have great power in them.

This is not some intellectual metaphysical hypothetical exercise. This rubber hits the road every time I put up an emotional block between you and me, based on incorrect evidence. We are connected. Your soul knows that. My soul knows that. My monkey mind will continue to try to convince me we are not connected, despite my direct experience of that divine, real connection, here and now. It is a dance, requiring intention, presence, compassion and wisdom.

Take note of some of the most outstanding minds in modern science today. Austrian physicist and bestselling author Fritjof Capra writes in The Tao of Physics, “… we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As we penetrate into matter, nature does not show us any isolated ‘building blocks,’ but rather appears as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of the whole.” Noted theoretical physicist David Bohm came to the conclusion that there is an underlying unity to the elements that, to our limited perception, appear to be separate. “Mind and matter are not separate substances,” Bohm wrote in The Undivided Universe. “Rather, they are different aspects of our whole and unbroken movement.”

When I remember the simple truth that my soul is begging me to remember and to know, my behavior literally changes. I am more calm, I am more clear, I am more compassionate, with myself and with you, and sometimes, I am a little disoriented. There is literally a transition time from re-acting in alignment with my mind to acting in alignment with my soul. And, as I have noted in other newsletters regarding similar content, this is much easier for women that it is for men. And so, practice, practice, practice.

Your soul is begging you to take advantage of the precious gold that it is offering to you. Your mind is working very, very hard to keep you bound by its beliefs. Your mind does not care whether the beliefs are true or not. Your mind does not care whether the beliefs serve you or not. Your mind only wants to have you believe its stories. It can be a wonderful servant, given access to transcendent universal truths, rather than current convention or passing fancy. It makes a horrible master, making up stories, using random emotional charges, and trying to run your world from an irrational foundation and ever changing beliefs. Most of those beliefs aren’t even yours. We inherit our misunderstandings about the world from our parents, and their parents, and their parents.

And we create our beliefs based on our experience in the world, and our capacities when we create those beliefs. I created some of my beliefs when I was a new born child. I did not consciously know it at the time. As I grew, I changed some of my beliefs. Compassion became more important as a choice in my world when I realized people who had hurt me we hurting inside themselves. My belief in the power of compassion grew when I chose to be loving to people who had hurt me, and experienced them respond with gratitude and in a loving way in reaction to my behavior.

Positive and negative both have their place in the world. The world, yours and mind, is out of balance right now. We all want balance, the trick is to find that balance which fulfills, in the words of the Dalai Lama, “the fundamental quest for overcoming suffering and perfecting the human condition.”

Here is what freedom looks like: effortless, harmonious, conscientious being. Not doing. Not even having to think, rather: cognizing, that is, direct knowing of the Truth. Having thoughts, not needing to attach one thought to the next. Still having feelings, being present to this 3D world, and with awareness, being not attached.

Being committed to your personal Truth at the highest level of service to the unfolding and uplifting of consciousness in the world. Being aware of all the dimensions in which you exist, beginning with the subtle aspects of your divine truth and expanding to your connection to All That Is. It is a process.

We all are on the path to that state of perfection of consciousness exactly where we need to be, today. There is no wrong place to be, and no better or lesser place to be, other than exactly where you are, right now. You may notice your mind rebelling against that. Notice. That does NOT make the rebellious notions from your mind true. And you may notice there is a vibration to your soul that is more refined than the normal vibrations from your mind. There is a difference.

The Science of the Soul has been around for thousands of years. This ancient knowledge includes prayers, in the form of mantras, that uplift your consciousness by intention. They enliven the connection between your mind, your heart, your body and your soul. And between you and the rest of humanity.

All mantras and formulae that we use in The Science of the Soul have been given by the grace of an embodied channel of consciousness, Sri Kaleshwar, with instruction from his master, Shirdi Sai Baba, and from ancient palm leaf manuscripts.

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