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Positive and Negative, Light and Dark: Dualities: So What?

Good versus evil. Hmmm. Aside from belief systems, some say all of Creation came from one source: the big bang. Still theoretically assumed by most physicists, backed by evidence and interpretation of that evidence, it is still theory. Hmmm. What we can know, empirically, is that the manifest Universe is made of dualities. Masculine / feminine, yin / yang, light / dark, positive / negative. Subjectively, we experience good /bad, better than / less than, right / wrong. Your subjective experience may be very different than mine. Either way, your car will start because there are both a negative and a positive contact pole on your car’s battery.

Where is the positive and where is the negative in your world today? When my body hurts, or when my heart aches, or when I am frustrated, I might slip into negativity. When I am fulfilled, when I experience compassion and connection, when my pain does not matter, I literally radiate with positive energy. Subjectively, is it the republicans or the democrats that are positive or negative? Or both? Is it your boss or your client? Or both? Is it the inevitable set of consequences of time or everlasting hope? Or both? Both, after all is said and done. You get a body, you have a life, and your body dies. Life / death: there’s a duality. Spring brings crocuses, daffodils and raspberries. Summer brings tomatoes and corn. Fall brings pumpkins. Winter brings hot cocoa. Cycle through the year or the centuries, everywhere there are the beginnings, the middles and the ends of all forms of manifest creation. So what?

Here’s what: you have a purpose, even if it may seem clouded or elusive, obscure or obvious, latent or manifest. Finding and manifesting your purpose is an inside job. That is, the answer is in your heart, and the sooner you get out of your head, the better. Let your mind be the wonderful servant it was designed to be, and allow your mastery to come from your heart and soul, the only place it has ever truly been, anyway. Your monkey mind will be distracted by your five senses and their objects, all on the outside. Your purpose will manifest in your world , on the outside, but it has to come from your heart and your soul. You have a connection to your world from your heart and soul that is indivisible and you have a meaning in your world that is universal. You live in a world that is begging for you to show up in the unique power of your personal destiny, making your purpose very real, here and now.

Recognize your innate connection to your soul, through your heart, and your purpose will then begin to become much more clear. You can make manifest your true purpose in this lifetime with a knowing that comes from the depths of your being. You can come to know your real reason for being here in this lifetime. You can experience a training that will give you the tools and the means to discover what is beyond the day to day conditioning from your monkey mind. There really is a life force bigger than your five senses and beyond even the three dimensions. Time, sometimes called the fourth dimension, and desire, the driving force in time, can and will eventually bring you to a threshold. That threshold will take you to the next step in your evolution as you know in a whole new way who you truly are.

There is a greater truth for you and for your life. Enlightenment is about simply waking up to the truth of your own soul as a reality, here and now. The clearing away of false beliefs requires an empowering of your soul. The strength of your empowered soul is ready to open the door for you to take your next step.

You are invited to a FREE event on Sunday, December 31 at Sandy’s Health Foods, 7907 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, West Chester, OH 45069. Celebration of Light: Fire puja, 6:30 p.m. No experience necessary. You will feel your soul lifted.

And you can still register for a 3 part class in January, Inspire Your Self and Your World From the Inside Out to open your mind and heart to build your soul power and your peace of mind. And your connection to a world that is begging for that peace.

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