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Take Care of Your Body and It Will Take Care of You

We neglect ourselves. We don’t have time to take proper care. Or so it seems. There is already too

much information out there telling you how to take care of your self. So why read yet another blurb telling you what to do? Here’s a novel idea: don’t read this article unless you are willing to consider. How do I get your trust? I ask. Then I listen. And then I share.

I ask that you believe I have been in the wellness industry for more than 40 years. I ask that you believe I have all that time been obsessing on wellness in my own self interest. I confess a secret: I used to be afraid, of everything. Fear can be a great motivator, up to a point. But that is another story. I was pretending, and achieving, up to a point. I was succeeding, up to a point, for a long time. I hit a personal bottom in 1987. Then I began to recover from dysfunction, pretense, and the rule of fear in my life. It took a few years and lots of help. That, too, is another story. Today I can help people take care: of their body, their mind, their heart and their soul. It’s all connected. Today, let’s stay with the physical: your body.

Your wellness includes taking care of your physical body, and that requires a full spectrum approach. You know the drill: proper rest, proper focus, proper down time, to include play time, supportive relationships, the right balance of physical exercise, healthy boundaries, proper nutrition and hydration. Your cells know even more: things your mind may not yet be aware of. Every cell has

“mitochondria.” So what? Those mitochondria produce signaling molecules that tell every other cell what to do, to help you stay well. So what? Without those signaling molecules, you will not be able to maintain optimal health. And, you start to decrease production of those molecules starting around 14 years old. So, you may hurt today in ways you did not hurt a while ago, even last year.

And you may get sick in ways today that you did not get sick a while ago, even last year. Is there a product that can help you take better care of your body, starting today? If there were, in my world it better be backed by real science, bona fide testimonials and real people who have real integrity. And I need to be getting the results I want, in real time, now. The product I use that delivers that is called ASEA. At 68 years old, I need to maintain my mental clarity, resilience, stamina, endurance, performance and recovery. All those indicators are improved for me with this product. But, don’t take my word for it. I will refer you to PhD’s, olympic athletes and real humans who have miraculous stories to tell.

Here’s the catch: you have to be willing to explore for yourself what I am claiming. Call, text or email today and I will be glad to answer your questions.

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