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Activate True Peace

Here is a very brief introduction to Peace Circles Processes.

The principle of peace is your natural state of being.

Peace Circles Process is a healing system that delivers to you the divine loving already there deep inside of you.

What is it?

Peace Circles Processes are profound self-healing and global healing meditation Processes

What do you get?

You get to change struggle into freedom.

You get to have a direct experience of the peace that passes understanding.

Deep within all of us is a well spring

from which our essence of

truth, peace, love, and right action


These 4 principles govern the operating system that is the foundation of our lives.

True Peace comes from deep inside.

Create a foundation for Peace within yourself, for your life, and for your intentions for others.

Free Introductory Talks gladly scheduled by request

Dakshina/Energy Exchange: $101.

4 session commitment.

Payment plans available.

Call, text or email Himavat Ishaya for details: 513-288-1306,

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