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Know That You Care

I believe that the more I listen to you, reflect back to you, and respond to you the quicker you will be willing to trust me.

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care” is more than just an old saying. It is a roadmap for building trusting relationships. I may have learned how to listen long ago, but if I don’t care to use that skill, you aren’t going to want to trust me now.

As a teacher in training years ago, one of the pieces of advice I got from another teacher was to “be bold.” That resonated with my tendency to want to share what I know in a decisive, self assured way. The problem was that if I was not first listening to you, then all I was doing was giving my ego another way to act out from the motivation that says “look at me.”

That “look at me” impulse is a primal motivation we all have to learn in the world as we create our own sense of confidence in our “self.” My two year old step-granddaughter is a beautiful example of that. When she uses those words, “look at me,” she is individuating in a healthy way her progression of her confident self in the world. As we mature and learn compassion for the “others” in our world, that sense of self evolves from our focus on our own needs to a focus on others’ needs as well. Wisdom teaches us to balance the need to have compassion for our selves with our capacity to have compassion for others.

Enlightenment teaches us to go beyond even that sense of self. Mastery is a function of knowing that there is more going on that meets the eye. The ultimate truth of who we are eventually surpasses our beliefs in our separation, one from another. The truth that there is no separation between you and me, at the highest soul level of who we all really are anyway, dawns when our desire to know our true purpose as divine souls surpasses our desire to follow the dictates of our five senses and our monkey mind. Our ego is totally a function of that monkey mind. There is nothing wrong with it, until it holds us back from evolving into all of who we really are.

When your confidence becomes so strong that there is no longer a need for anyone “on the outside” to “look at me,” you begin to become master of your self in the world. That is, you are no longer needing the acknowledgement for your ego from the outside: you have begun to come to know who you are from the inside out. That is what makes us truly evolved, compassionate human beings.

Learn simple, powerful tools to help you release the false sense of separation that is part of your evolving from human soul to divine soul.

Call, text or email today for a chat, a free consultation, or to set up a free introductory lecture to the Peace Circles Process. Thank you.


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