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Currents of Wellness

Get well, be well, stay well.

You made it this far. Keep going. No matter your age, change is the one constant in the world. In your twenties, you were invincible. Around 33-ish, your body starts telling you that it won't always do what you want it to. Your mind learns from that and adjusts how you style your life.

Your heart learns to adapt as the scales tip from thrill to disappointment to delight to sadness ultimately to balance. As you mature, you change what you use for fuel for your heart and your body and your mind. You feed your heart and your body and your mind in different ways.

Your world is changing as much as you are. New research every day reveals how we are challenged and what our options are to meet those challenges. The environment poses new threats to our health as pollution begs to be managed in a new way. It appears that our culture stresses our nervous system near to the breaking point. Our world calls out to us to help our sisters and brothers facing adversity. And our sisters and brothers respond with more compassion every day.

We want to stay well, we need to be well, we do all we can to get well when we are ill. I have spent the greater part of my 67 years learning and applying the most current knowledge and wisdom to do my best to be well and stay well. When something proved harmful to my health, I gradually learned to let it go. (Sometimes that took longer than I would have preferred, looking back.) Today I look forward to maintaining a clarity about what is next on my journey.

I want to share that journey with you. The fruits of my labor may prove helpful for you on your journey to take advantage of this one day that you truly have to work with. I will offer to you my obsession with wellness balanced with my training in anatomy, physiology and most importantly pathology, that is: what happens when things don't work the way they were designed to. We burden our bodies and our minds and our hearts with stressors that are environmental, food related, stress related and charged with emotions that are not always positive.

We are trainable. In this blog, I will share my discoveries so that you will be spared the hours and days and years it takes to keep up with all the data. I wish you well.

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