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Compassion First

In 1996 I learned how powerful Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion can be. In that order. When I first intentionally activated the power of Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion with a simple and powerful methodology, I experienced a profound inner peace I had never known before. Using those uplifting emotions literally changes your mind. Starting with how simple it is to express Praise, you can literally and in real time change your internal chemistry from fear based to love based. That has an effect on your whole body, including your blood pressure.

Conscious intention is powerful. I methodically used the power of those four uplifting emotions from the first day I learned and experienced their profound power in 1996. I taught a powerful meditative system for 6 years which began with those principles. And, without knowing it, there was still something I was missing.

That something is this: the power of the soul, the divine spark in you, has to be engaged along with the power of the heart, the power of the mind and the power of the body so that even the deepest sub-conscious elements of fear or pain can be healed. And so that the mind can be freed to be the divine servant it was created to be rather than the ego-centric master it believes it wants to be.

Over the years, even in the presence of that deep inner peace, deeper inside of me there still was its polar opposite: an unconscious sense of fear which I became consciously aware of only when I began to notice how high my blood pressure was getting, consistently.

When I became aware that my blood pressure was going higher and staying there, I needed to take action to take care of my health. As my protocol is to sort out the cause, rather than simply address the symptom, I found and worked with a practitioner who helped me sort out the primary physiological cause of the high blood pressure.

It was revealed to me that some old patterns deep in my brain, from memories still there after 60 years, were still at work in the part of my brain known as the hippocampus. This part of the brain lies deep in the limbic portion of the brain, and is responsible for long term memory, emotion, and, among other things, blood pressure. Those memories were literally, and sub-consciously keeping me in a physiological state of high alert, and helping create the high blood pressure in my body, today.

I had spent years working to heal the negative emotional charges from my early life. I had successfully healed many of the emotional wounds incurred from experiences of emotional abuse and the normal emotional cultural scarring we encounter in the world. And yet, there they were, those old wounds, still at work, despite all my best efforts. They were reflecting something in my soul that still was aching, in this lifetime, to be healed. That something is this: a deep, unconscious sense of separation.

The remedy is this: make your experience of the divine truth of who you are: real. Your body, your heart, your mind and your soul are all divine. The mind typically rebels at such a notion. Since it is designed to want to be “in charge,” it can and will perceive such a notion as your “divine soul” as a threat to its misplaced authority. It has authority over the data from your five senses, and will protect you from real harm, like busy traffic or freezing rain. It will create fear, however, which is sometimes ill placed, and that fear can kill you, and me. My unconscious fear, initiated from patterns created when I was a very young child, apparently are still is triggered in my adult brain, despite my best efforts to heal those old patterns. Many of those patterns have healed, yet some remain. So, here is the remedial strategy I am using.

Compassion first. What that means is recognizing and allowing whatever is there, including the pain, the fear,

the unconscious emotional charges that want to be revealed so that they can be healed, that is: released. I become conscious of the heretofore unconscious emotional charges by using simple intention, and self-reflection. Meditative space is required for this self-reflection to happen. I use powerful mantra meditation to help me become more conscious. Use what works for you.

Back to compassion. Compassion will work miracles, if you know how to allow it to do that. Compassion requires time and patience. Compassion requires intention. You will need to be first: compassionate with yourself. Over and over. Usually the remedy takes some time. Be patient. And notice: are you feeling impatient? Compassion says that that is perfectly OK. Frustrated? That’s OK. Whatever happens, it’s OK. Keep going: keep your intention to heal. Do what is called for. For all medical conditions, consult your health care provider, your practitioner. I am not offering any medical advice here. I am sharing my own experience.

There is always a purpose and a wisdom in the symptoms and in the healing. I thought I had healed the old wounds. Some I had. Some still want my attention. I have learned to work with my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. I have learned to listen to my soul. After more than 45 years of searching, and finding truly enlightened teachers, and putting to work the assignments of those teachers, what I have found is this: your most valuable teacher and healer is already in you. You just need the right tools to access that profound truth. Asking for help is a sign of true wisdom. True humility belongs to the wise. Discernment will bring you the help that will serve your highest growth.

Praise, Gratitude and Love also work miracles. I am thankful for the simplest things, now. Indoor plumbing, paved roads, central heat, a clean house, pen and paper, a warm bed. And for the more refined things in my world: organic food, brilliant nutraceutical remedies, competent health care practitioners, the internet, etc., etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Love yourself totally, including your aches, pains and symptoms. And acknowledge your capacity to find the answers to your on-going health and wellness. And learn the mechanisms and the formulae to access your soul, intentionally and purposefully.

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