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How To Change Your World

It’s too easy. It’s too simple. You won’t believe me. You’ve already heard it. You have,

however, not been given the proper context for this unbelievably simple principle, which is why you may be skeptical (with very good reason). How do you change your world? You change yourself. Here is the proper context for that principle: what that means is to gain a more conscious understanding of all of who you really are. Gain that understanding at a level so visceral, so palpable, so tangible that it cannot be denied by your monkey mind or your unconscious beliefs in your limitations.

It is not always that easy. It is facile to suggest that all you have to do to change your world is change yourself. Yes, that is true, but what is the way for you to do that? Herein lies the catch. We are all different, so what might work for me may not work for you. Here is how you get around that: start with where you are at. You can take your own inventory, both internal and external. Internal means your beliefs, your emotional make up, your strengths, your weaknesses, your hopes, desires, and dreams. External means your commitments in the world, promises to keep, obligations, relationships, responsibilities and social contracts. Once you have a clear sense of your internal and external landscapes, then you have a place to start. Then you can begin to sort out what kinds of changes you want to create, and then you can begin to chart your map.

So, now the cart follows the horse. The only other requirement is resolve. If you really, really want it, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it, and you have an open

mind, open heart and are trainable and able to discern, you will get it. Discern what, you may ask? Discern very simply this: are you getting the results you really want? And, once you get what you think you want, are you noticing that there is now something else you want, even more? That is certainly how the monkey mind works. And there is an end point: the mind sooner or later begins to recognize the endless nature of the cycle of desires and reaches a point where it literally wants to let the heart in, wants to allow the heart to inform the mind, and wants to begin to reach out to the soul.

That is when real change can really begin. That is when the visceral, palpable, tangible reality of the world begins to let in another aspect of reality, the subtle. This cannot be measured by the metrics of the mind or the 3D world. It can be measured by results in the world, like the most profound inner peace and sense of fulfillment ever experienced. Those are subjective, and they deliver very real, objective quantifiable results. Two, among many good ways to measure those objective results, are Heart Rate Variability and brainwave patterns. One example can be found at: which offers: “…research-based, practical, and reliable tools and technologies that enable people to align and connect their heart, mind and emotions to produce transformative outcomes…” [emphasis mine] [caveat: I have no affiliation with Heart Math] Be that as it may, the most important measure is the result(s) you achieve for yourself.

Getting back to the inner peace and sense of fulfillment, these ultimately will come from reestablishing the proper relationship of your heart, your mind and your soul. That, in my experience, has come about most efficiently and consistently from the methodical application of the tools of Sri Kaleshwar’s Science of the Soul. Mantra meditation is one of the fundamental tools of Sri Kaleshwar’s Science of the Soul. When the mind has achieved its proper status as wonderful servant to the heart and the soul, there is literally only the slightest remnant of ego left, known in Sanskrit as leshavidya. That leshavidya can serve as the mechanism to be the vehicle of the enlightened mind being in the world, even as an embodied, enlightened soul knows it is not of the world. The inner peace and sense of fulfillment that come from that connection can change your world. They will change you. You will gain the reins to the team of horses that will carry you on your chariot across the field of the dualities of positive and negative.

There is an immense irony here. The irony is this: you end up finding out how to truly be

in the world, like you always have been anyway, rather than feeling any need to do in the world. The western mind will rebel, greatly, against this notion. The semantics here are tricky. I am still motivated to act in the world. And, more importantly, I am letting go, more every day, of any sense of “doership.” I still do act in the world. That’s my job. That’s your job. It is your relationship to your sense of self and sense of the “doer” that changes. That is how your world really really changes. What I mean by really change is that instead of going ’round and ’round in the same cycle of believing you are the doer, you can begin to know, yes: you decide what to put your focus on, yes: you act in the world, and yes: you become aware of how you are actually an instrument of divine loving energy which is working through your unique nervous system. That sense of yourself (leshavidya) remains, but only as if the slightest film of oil when you draw your fingertip over a stick of butter and move on.

This will challenge your entire world view. It did mine. It has taken decades for this to evolve in me, as every day my ego has challenged that notion and wanted me to believe I am the doer. Semantics again: my sense of who I really am has changed. My relationship to my beliefs about myself has changed. I am more informed by my soul every day. My mind has learned more about that reality. There is only one way you can learn about the reality of the mechanisms of your soul as a direct experience. Use a science that works for you. I use Sri Kaleshwar’s knowledge and tools and I work with other teachers of his knowledge who have achieved that direct experience and are walking their talk. It is my mission to make those tools available to any and all who desire to know more the divine truth of their immortal soul.

Like learning to ride a bicycle, it is not always peaches and cream. I skinned my knees

more than once falling off my bicycle. Like being in a mature loving relationship, it is not always bliss. I feel hurt, or frustrated or afraid sometimes. Even that is changing: the same principle is at work: my sense of self is changing in that context, the same as in every other context in my life. I still act in the world, in my relationships, in context of my commitments and social contracts. Who is the “I” that is acting out those parts? Who are “you,” really? That asking of that question will likely not only rock your world, but ultimately deliver to you the keys to the kingdom of your world. The answers you find will, in the fullness of time, take you back to the One, the Source, by whatever name you choose to call it. You literally can get past all the dualities. It is, however, a matter of three things: time, choice, and the importance of having the guidance of someone who has walked that path, found true humble empathy along the way, and who continues to engage in conscious, loving, compassionate service to others as part of their dedication to the truths and the grace revealed on that path.

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