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Why and When and How do you Face the Fears?

I believe in the ancient knowledge of the science of the soul that can be brought to bear on the fears that are the cause of suffering on this planet today. Whose fears? North Korea’s? North America’s? North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s? Your’s? Mine? Everyone feels fear at one time or another, and especially these days. Our fears are uncomfortable, messy, even scary. Why face the fears? Because fear is contagious. And infectious. There is a superficial appeal of fear-based mongering which has a direct effect on the limbic part of your brain and of my brain. It creates a rush of adrenalin which makes you and me feel powerful, for about one heartbeat. And more, we feel a definite connection when our survival instincts take over enough of our behavior to engage with others in some kind of movement against a purported villain that we believe we need to be afraid of. That’s what I mean by contagious and infectious.

Of course, there are things we need to pay attention to and protect ourselves from, but with strength and courage, fears can be faced and can be healed. Facing the fears means being willing to experience the complications and the messes of our own internal emotional world. Motivators for fear go deep, and we must understand and bring kindness and compassion to the fears and the wounds that are the source of our fears, in order that the wounds and the fears be healed. The power of fear pits us against each other, instead of helping us come together to change what needs to be changed in our world. There is turmoil in the world. There is trauma on a global scale. The remedy has to match the affliction. The remedy begins with the willingness to take time out, bring all of your awareness to this moment of now, get past your thoughts and get to the direct visceral experience of where the fears are lodged in your nervous system and your body, right now. This requires patience, kindness, compassion and intention. Typically the areas of the throat, the heart or the gut are where most of the tensions, most of the fears are lodged.

We all are conflicted, at least a little. It’s normal. It’s human. Tara Brach, noted psychotherapist and meditation teacher, [≈ 1:08 into the video] brings up: “…in the moments that we are stressed, it’s a little bit like we’re on the bicycle pedaling, and we’re just pedaling away from the present moment. That in some way we are on our way to something else that hopefully will feel better or give us more.” The resolution of that

stress, that internal conflict begins with coming more fully to this moment of now, this present moment. It is a process. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Ask for and find trustworthy, reliable help. Then you will be more able to be more compassionate with yourself and the rest of your world.

Kindness and compassion dwell in your heart and in your soul. The notion of soul has an almost infinite number of facets. Every one of us has some notion of soul. It may be the spiritual or subtle part of us as human beings or animals, it may be regarded as something immortal, it may be taken to be the essence or embodiment of a specified quality. Ancient science, as researched and made known by Sri Kaleshwar, has a great deal to describe concerning the mechanics and techniques of the Science of the Soul. When you learn to engage more scientifically with your soul, your capacity to literally have your fears washed away will begin to deliver a peace and a power that can change your world. It is your soul that does the work. It is your heart that can direct your monkey mind to learn to make a different choice, open more to the infinite truth of who you are, and serve to allow your monkey mind to relax into the knowing that there are enough bananas for everyone.

When I review the global “news” of the day, I most appreciate when commentators demonstrate an open mind and an open heart. It is from an open mind that is willing and able to cooperate with an open heart that kindness and compassion arise. An open

mind is not only willing, it recognizes the need to name the trauma and suffering in today’s world. Trauma and suffering need to be named so that the remedy can suit the disorder. Compassion is fostered and nourished when we learn how to go within to our soul, disengage from our monkey mind, and access our deeper more profound knowings as evolved human beings, especially in the face of the tension and stress of today’s concerns. Proper meditation can help you to do that. When do we begin to face our fears? NOW! Today, wherever you are sitting, reading this. How do you face and truly transmute your fear into a working force for good? There certainly are lots of ways for you to do that. Ron Farmer, a psychologist from Queensland, Australia, has a good short list of his suggestions, including using bijas (more precisely: bijaksharas, that is: seed syllables which are an important foundation to the Science of the Soul). My personal choice is to use Sri Kaleshwar’s and Nadira Seeram’s methodologies, as well as my own. Meditation and spiritual intervention are being taken seriously and systematic reviews of spiritual intervention are even showing up at the level of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

I believe in the soul. I believe in the power of the soul. The power of the soul can be used to literally dissolve the fears, and end the suffering that perceives the separation that creates the fear. It is your soul that is the most active agent whenever you remember to act rather than react in the face of fears. Here is what your soul will remind you of: we ARE all in this together, both sides of the aisle, both sides of the tracks, both sides of the continent, both sides of the Atlantic, both sides of the Pacific, both sides of the equator, both sides of the world. Here is what you can do to engage the power of your soul: learn about the science behind the soul, navigate all the many angles and aspects of the information out there, discern for yourself what best suits your needs. Do you need someone to help you take your first tentative steps into this vast ocean of information? Do you need someone to help you move into advanced techniques beyond years of testings and trials?

Learn from others’ mistakes so that you can liberate your soul from the bondage of your misguided monkey mind wanting to be in charge of your world (and in charge of your fears being kept in place by that monkey mind), where your heart and soul are eminently and infinitely more qualified for that job.

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