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How Do You Get Past Your Ego and Why?

Your ego is a wonderful servant, horrible master. It is totally a function of your mind. What’t the problem? Just this: the ego is designed, with good reason, to perceive separation between you and the rest of your world. Since we need to have healthy boundaries to function in the world productively, the ego serves a brilliant and powerful mission. Its advantages are many. You’re over there, and I’m over here. Your ego keeps that clear. You are on your path, I am on mine. It will not serve your path to try to accomplish what is right for my path, except and unless our paths intersect, and intertwine in such way as we collaborate to help each other evolve. And even then, you still will have your part to play, I mine, and best not to confuse the two.

So, thank you to the ego. Trouble is, when we lose proper context for the mission of the ego, we get lost, really quickly. We get lost in our identification of ourselves as if separate from the rest of our world, as if that were the whole story. There is so much more to the story, at the same time, and that so much more is this: WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. When anyone suffers: you suffer, I suffer, we all suffer. Pretty much all of us are in denial of that fact. In fact, did not your monkey mind, out of hand, just now reject that notion that when anyone suffers, we all suffer? We are more or less insulated from the suffering of others, except of course when we are required to help a family member or loved one or good friend who is in distress, or when we walk by or drive by the homeless person on the street corner begging for spare change. Or when we are confronted with the uncomfortable truths in the pictures of starving, dying children, mothers and refugees, let alone the even more terrible aspects of suffering on the planet today. Denial is a function of the ego. It will tell you that you are fine as long as your immediate and short term needs are being met. And on one level, that is absolutely true.

But, on another level, it is absolutely not true. When I say we are all connected, I mean that literally. Your five senses remind you that your boundaries keep you and I distinct from each other. Good. Hallelujah. Your sixth sense is trying to tell you that there is much more going on, at the same time. Your ego will try to deny that interconnection with the rest of your world, minimize that, discount that, until such time as your heart

manages to inform your ego and your mind that there is a greater, concurrent truth, and until such time that your heart is strong enough to handle and to manage the discomfort of that other, concurrent truth. There is an inner strength which you can cultivate and which will begin to allow you to feel the discomfort of the suffering that is already there, and hence the connection of your heart to every other human heart on the planet, especially the suffering ones.

Through Grace, that is: potent personal transformation, that discomfort and that fear can and will be remade, which is when real true Freedom begins to dawn.

Your mind and your ego will rebel against the discomfort of becoming more sensitive to that suffering. We recoil into the safety of our own, little, separate world. We need to be safe. It is critical to our survival that we be safe. So, individually we may create our own personal safe space, but the problem remains: as long as any one of us on this planet is not safe, then none of us are safe, when perceived and understood from the conscious awareness at the level of the soul. The ancient Science of the Soul knows we are all connected. Western civilization, especially here in the States, venerates not only Freedom but Independence. What I am describing vis-a-vis that Independence is the pre-existing Inter-dependence of every one of us on this planet, a knowledge that your soul already recognizes as true. Your heart also knows this interconnectedness to be True. And opening your mind and your ego to that truth is what brings true freedom.

Your heart is already designed to grow into its capacity to not only be with the enormity of the suffering, but also to cognize the solution. And critical to that waking up is being able to be with the discomfort, and stay positive in the face of the immensity of that suffering. Here is where your ego comes in. Once you begin to recognize the proper place for your ego, as wonderful servant that it was designed to be, rather than misguided master it seems to want to be, your ego then begins to serve the divine loving power in your heart, love that reminds you of your connection to every other human on this planet, let alone the rest of creation, and divine loving power that is intended to make change. That love will literally help you to become more healthy: “those of us with strong relationships are 50% more likely to survive life-threatening illness than people with weaker ones.” And it will help the people around you to become more healthy. Love is contagious.

And there is something called soul immunity which literally creates the resilience at the level of the soul so that it can resist the infectious nature of the fear that motivates us to retreat into our own little world, where we build walls of denial about what we can or cannot do about the suffering on the planet. What works best to build that soul immunity is almost always done in baby steps. That is, begin personally to learn to connect to the truth of your soul. It’s already there, waiting for you to recognize and put into context what is at work in your personal world anyway. Ask yourself, how can I free myself from any and all bondage to my beliefs in the limitations of my ego, any bondage to believing in the lie that you and I are separate, free myself to experience the mastery of allowing my connection to all-that-is to expand, blossom and flower?

Ancient science from the East understands the thin film of ego that must remain whilst an enlightened being is still in human form. “Lesha-Vidya (Sanskrit) means ‘the faint remaining seed of ignorance.’ …So-called ‘spiritual teachers’ must consciously embrace Leshavidya, so as not to forget that they are merely human...After their ‘enlightenment experience,’ this seed patiently and secretly accompanies them on their journey...The wise teacher does not attempt to destroy this seed or deny that it is there; but actually utilizes Leshavidya, as the key to humble empathy …and as prayerful player in living relationship with the divine.”

Find someone whom you trust and who can help you find the answers that work for you. None of us can do this alone. That’s the point, really. This is a very personal journey. It is the journey of mastery. “Many candles, one flame,” is one way my teacher Sri Kaleshwar noted the apparent diversity and the simultaneous unity at work in each and every soul in this manifest universe. Your life, this day, and this moment are all more precious than perhaps you know. Do NOT trust the time. What that means is that your choice, right here, right now, can take you one step closer to being the miracle worker you came here to be. My duty is clear: to help as many people as I can to awaken more fully today to the divine truth of the connection between their heart, their mind, their body and their soul.

Disclaimer: none of this material is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek professional advice. Information on this website is not intended to be nor cannot replace professional medical advice.

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