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Does Liberation Matter Really?

Liberation from what? From which? Conflict? Stress? Negativity? Consequences? All the above? Stress is a big one. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of stress? Not really. You need some stress to keep you healthy and well. The astronauts in space needed to artificially simulate the effects of gravity to put the proper stress on their muscles and bones to keep them strong. Without the stress of gravity on your body, your muscles begin to atrophy, your bones lose density. Take that literally, and also symbolically: the “gravity” of any situation in your world will stimulate you to address the needs of that situation, helping you to find the strength to resolve your conflicts. Stress is a function of the motivation you have to reach your goals. Stress creates increase of focus. The proper amount of stress actually boosts your immune system.

Conflict is another big one. All conflict really is is a red flag that something needs to change. It is how we resolve our conflicts that makes all the difference. As long as you hold onto your need to be right, then your chances of being happy with the outcome of any conflict go down, drastically. [Old adage, in the form of a question: “Would you rather be right or be happy?”] Liberation is about changing your worldview. You have to start where you are at, right here, right now. Liberation is about true freedom. Freedom on all levels: heart, mind, body and soul. Your first step is to be clear on what Liberation means to you. And be clear on what you believe you want to be liberated from. If, for instance, you desire to be liberated from consequences, well, good luck. Not in this lifetime. One of the laws of the Universe is that there will be consequences for any and all actions.

Another law of the Universe is that there is both positive and negative in the world. The liberation that comes from shifting from a sense of being victim to that negativity to being a creator who can transform that negativity can and will and does change your world. That liberation comes from knowing, at the deepest level, that that negativity actually can serve the creation of something very positive. For example, whenever someone is caught in their negativity, I ask the same question, over and over: what is the remedy? I use my creative capacities to distill the best remedy I am aware of,

apply that remedy as best I can, notice the results, and move on. That is, create, adjust, create, adjust. Like sailing a boat: the harbor is “over there,” the wind is coming from “over there,,” so I “tack” back and forth, that is, use the wind, the sail, the resistance of the keel (or centerboard), and find my way to “safe harbor.”

Discovering how powerful you are as a creator in your world is true liberation. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” You learn new information which gives you knowledge, so then, how often do you remember to take time out to imagine something new, to be creative, to day dream? Having the proper knowledge is key. Knowledge is about what already exists. Imagination is about what can and will come into existence when you let it. Liberation is a process. It is about gathering the knowledge that you need to navigate your world. Then it is about applying that knowledge in consistent and appropriate ways to achieve your goals. The tricky part is discerning the true knowledge in the world from the utter and complete fabrications in the world pretending to be truth.

We can be taken in by lies that pander to our ego’s sense of neediness. As long as we perceive ourselves as needing to be better than someone else, so that we can supposedly not only survive but really thrive, we will see separation, a hostile world, something to defend against. It is that deep sense of needing to defend that is in the way of true liberation. The most profound experience of liberation comes when you experience that place, deep inside your soul, that knows, from a place deeper than the marrow of your bones, that there is nothing to defend. It is a process. I was in a conversation recently wherein I was told that I was being defensive. For a nano-second, I wanted to defend even more. Then, instead, I chose to actively listen to what was being said, and to what was happening from the heart and from the soul. That was liberation. Again, it is a process. And it does require the knowledge of understanding what practical tools can best help create that liberation, and it requires using those tools, over and over.

Without the knowledge of how to transform negativity, we can feel victims to the negativity. If a malignant narcissist is trying to use their power to create suffering or refuse to relieve suffering on account of their heartless woundedness, am I a victim to that? No. Are you? No. Please do not misunderstand: people are suffering. People are wounded, people are dying. Compassion compels us to find a solution. We will create a positive solution. My role is to do the best I can with what I have. So is yours. Even the so-called perpetrator is doing the best they can with what they have. That negativity is serving a purpose: it is invoking the most positive response imaginable. Knowing that, and acting to transform that negativity into something positive is liberating.

There are levels and degrees to the transforming of the negativity into positive. On all levels, that is: the heart, the mind, the body and the soul, all are already working towards that transformative end. What is needed today, given the scope of the suffering in the world, is a deeper and broader knowledge and application of the many principles and tools available today that help transform that negativity and bring about more profound levels of relief from that suffering, and ultimately complete liberation from any sense of needing to defend. The most profound level of liberation is achieving the fullness of knowing that there is nothing left to defend. There is still much left to be transformed. The challenge is in the learning of and achievement of that state of consciousness that can hold both of those seemingly antithetical knowings at the same time.

Find someone who is doing that. I can help. Learn from them. Do ti today. You are much more powerful than you have been led to believe you are.

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