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Do You Deserve It Or Do You Not?

Notice the tapes playing between your ears. Notice how one moment one tape is playing, like: “I’ve

been good, I deserve that” and then in the next moment, another tape plays, like: “Im a mess. I don’t deserve that reward.” Then another tape plays, “I’m fine. Even if there are messes.” Your mind is like a circus. First one attraction grabs your attention, then another. First it’s the merry go round, then it’s the cotton candy, then it’s the chance to win a kewpie doll. First you should have that reward. Then it’s that you should not have it.

This context of analysis of the multitude of voices between your ears does require some capacity for self reflection. And honesty. Our minds play tricks. One minute my mind tells me that I’m fine, and then, just below my self conscious awareness, another voice tells me how inadequate I am. Then even deeper into my one time unconscious is another voice trying to convince me I am not worthy at all of any of what it is that I want. All these voices going on at the same time.

I had to learn to take time out to compassionately and honestly witness the cacophony of the multiple voices, understanding that that is simply how the mind works. Then those voices begin to reveal more of themselves to me. Compassion is key: judgement is suspended, there is no blame nor guilt, there is only the data. Discernment bears witness to the simple truth that it really all is OK, no matter the discomfort that will arise when you begin to intentionally notice all the craziness that lies within. I like to joke with my friends when they say something like: “they looked at me like I was crazy.” I reply, “they’re right, you are crazy, but so are they. I’m crazy, they’re crazy, you’re crazy, everybody’s crazy, it’s just a matter of degree, and angle.” [pun intended]

The good news is that there is also infinite love, within, which is the remedy for the insanity of all the forces pulling your subconscious in a million different directions all at the same time. But how do you get to that remedy? Notice. That one single solitary act engages the “witness.” More accurately, it begins the process of learning to disengage from the limitations of the mind. That is, you begin to become aware that consciousness is not only independent of the mind, not only prior to the mind, not only is the mind simply a vehicle for consciousness, but more importantly, the mind is designed to work within its limitations, on purpose. But, we digress.

Notice. Who is it that is noticing? You are looking back at your “self.” You are noticing what “you” are doing. You are a half step outside of yourself, consciously aware of what your mind is thinking, believing, processing. That act of dis-engagement is a brilliant gymnastic maneuver of consciousness. Brilliant because a new aspect of the infinite truth of who you really are is being revealed. You are way more than your beliefs about your self and about your world. Of course your beliefs are serving you as you navigate your 3-D world. That’s the point of the mind: let it be the servant to your true purpose in this lifetime. And, do not allow it to be the master of your path in this lifetime: your heart and your soul are where your mastery always has been revealed and always will be revealed to you. There is a difference.

Learning to deepen into the process of noticing is just that: a process. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning is this moment of now. Notice. “Don’t just do something, stand there…Buddha said” (That quote is from Paul Reps, sometimes called the first American haiku poet) The middle of the process depends on you. The end of the process is enlightenment: freedom from the limitations of the mind, directly experiencing your infinite truth while inhabiting your finite body. That will not only not make sense to the Western mind, it is even today passionately debated by Eastern minds as to whether it is even possible. Not until you have that direct experience will there be any real resolution for you of that supposed contradiction.

I first had that direct experience in 1996. Then things started to make sense in my world. The intimations of immortality that William Wordsworth spoke of in 1804 were no longer just poetic phrases. They had become my direct experience. But that experience evaporates so easily. I wanted to find a way to make that experience stable in my world. I knew it was real, I knew it was not mere hallucination, not just another trick of my monkey mind. I was experiencing what I have lately come to understand as the differences between my mind, my heart, and my soul as distinct levels of consciousness. Call me crazy, you’d be right [see paragraph 3, above]. And, I now teach what I have been given, that which my Teacher calls “The Science of the Soul.”

The culmination of more than 60 years of searching, having begun when I was a 7 year old boy, has born fruit. And I am still learning. In my world, any true teacher is also truly a student. As was my first true Teacher, MSI. As is my greatest Teacher in this lifetime, Sri Kaleshwar, who “took his mahasamadhi” in 2012, that is: he “passed away,” we say “died,” but the difference is this: the act of “taking mahasamadhi” is conscious, intentional, and a result of spiritual mechanisms which involve knowledge of the science of the soul. It is a practical reality understood by knowers of ancient science that is, as yet, little understood in the West. Importantly, now is the time for that ancient science to not only be revealed, but understood in proper context. Proper context is devoid of any intention of gain for any individual self. Proper context is filled with authentic, demonstrated, proven intention to benefit the uplifting of all, the relief of suffering, and the giving of comfort to the afflicted.

Do you deserve to experience the infinite truth of your divine soul in this lifetime? Your monkey mind will play tricks with you with regard to that question. As will other monkey minds in your world and in my world. What is the way to sort all that out? Discernment. That is, learn to discern between the stories of the monkey mind, yours and everybody else’s, and the authentic knowings of your intuitive, refined, cultivated, matured heart and soul. There is a knowable difference. It can only come from choosing to be open to the possibilities, and trying them out, and noticing the results. Does the rubber hit the road? Are you getting more of what you most truly want and need? Only you can answer that question.

And, I can help. Before that can happen, there has to be an exchange between us that you can trust, from the deepest part of your heart and your soul. I have a Teacher whom I trust explicitly and implicitly, who was very close to Sri Kaleshwar. Her name is Nadira. Her intentions are pure, per my experience. You will have your experience. And there is a catch: you must be willing to experiment. You must be willing to take a risk. Please make that risk a calculated one.

Do your homework.

And then take that risk.

I am available for consultations and classes.

Call today. Your life may depend on it.

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