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Solutions: The Rubber Has To Hit The Road

There are more unanswered questions in the world today then there are stars in the sky. What’s going to happen next with the economy?, the markets?, the environment?, the government?, the media, technology, and on and on. How do I manage my world, my family, my responsibilities, my health, my relationship with my partner, with my boss, with my best friend?

Your mind is working overtime creating answers. Problem is, those answers from the mind all too often create more problems with more questions. Not only is the mind fickle, temperamental and volatile, it’s flighty. My mind wants me to believe at least two contradictory stories at the same time, like: 1) I need my personal life to be different than it is right now, and (2) when I work hard enough, I do get what I want. That is a complex statement, so let’s unpack it a little at a time. First: one of the contradictions: my monkey mind is telling me first that I am not getting what I want and then, at the same time, it is telling me that I am getting what I want. That contradiction literally creates stress in the physiology of my body. Second, and much more to the point: the most important contradiction in all of life is the sense that you or I need the universe to be different than it is right now. Please understand, the universe is already different than it was a moment ago.

Please, please do not misunderstand: there is lots in the world I would like to change, especially all the suffering. When you are suffering, it hurts. When they are suffering, it hurts. That suffering may be the frustration of not getting what you want from your last paycheck, or not having the prime physical health you wish you had, or not getting what you wish you had from your most intimate relationship. Or not getting what you want from your smart phone. Or not knowing how to relieve the suffering of the humans struggling just to survive on this planet today.

So, here’s the point: there is a structural tension between how things are and how we want them to

be. And, here is where the rubber hits the road: it is about your relationship to that structural tension that makes all the difference in your world and in the world at large. Is your relationship based on your needs and frustrations or can it be based in a deeper understanding that every single last challenge in your world is there for the purpose of helping you to wake up to your innate miraculous power to rise to the occasion and find an enlightened solution to that problem that allows you to literally change your world for the better?

The answer is obvious, given the construction of the question. Of course, those challenges are there for exactly that reason. The problem is that your monkey mind will dismiss, discount and/or deny that you have that miraculous power in you. So much for the foolishness of the monkey mind. Here’s the good news: the heart can inform the monkey mind, the mind can establish itself in a more productive relationship with the heart and with the soul, and you can create more miracles. Look at the miracle you already are: the average human body contains approximately 37 trillion cells, all coordinated to help you read this article, make choices about your next move, interact with your associates, friends, neighbors, intimate partners and with your world. “How does it know?” you may ask.

Given that that miracle that already is you is performing all these cognitive and intelligent functions

already, how do you harness more of that miraculous capacity intentionally and more consciously? Some people know that faith can be a powerful factor. Some people totally dismiss faith as the needy construct of an unrefined mind. Larry Dossey, widely sought after M.D., has documented in Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine (1993) “… compelling studies and case histories, Dr. Dossey breaks new ground … He describes how prayer manifests in laboratory experiments; he examines which methods of prayer show the greatest potential and how one's innate temperament and personality affect prayer style.”

So we progress way beyond belief systems. There is plenty of bone fide documentation about miracles, amidst the unfortunate reality of plenty of half baked claims about miracles and outright fraud in the name of miracles. So, discernment becomes more important, not less, as we evolve. What matters most to you, now, is this: how do you harness that innate power to change your world for the better? Here is how: learn to differentiate between untruth and truth. How, you may ask? Learn to get to the bottom of these already available tactical practices: observation, acceptance, acknowledgement, release of attachment, and creating a direct experience of that which you can trust to surrender your attachments to.

The learning and the practice of that has taken me my whole life to even begin to master, but I have taken steps, and have had some success. Getting to the bottom of observation is, in itself, not a small task. Learning and deepening the process of self observation requires knowledge, wisdom, qualified good help, and clarity of intention. It will be uncomfortable to the ego, and it will be welcomed enthusiastically by the heart. That, by the way, is the key to everything. Everything. Your heart knows that your ego is just a construct of your mind, albeit an involved and complex one. That’s all it is. Your heart knows that your real truth is much more engaged with your heart and your soul than any of the constructs of your ego or of your mind. Remembering that the mind is a wonderful servant, and a horrible master, you can evolve past being a slave to your mind and to your five senses, and allow the mastery from your heart and your soul to regain the reins of your life and bring you not only to freedom but to the miraculous power already in you to change your world dramatically for the better.

Let’s cut past the middle of that list of available tactical practices and look at the last, most important practice: creating a direct experience of that which you can trust to surrender your attachments to.

When you get to the point that you have a direct experience of the value of wanting to “surrender your attachments,” you will want to know what you are surrendering to. [Please note: I italicize the word “attachments” very much on purpose: you are not required to give up anything except your attachment to anything. Remember, it is the love of money, not the money itself, that is attributed to be the “root of all evil.”]

Returning to the question of what it may be that you are surrendering your attachments to, and again referencing Larry Dossey M.D., “In One Mind, New York Times best-selling author Larry Dossey, M.D., proposes an inspiring view of consciousness that may reshape our destiny. Dossey's premise is that all individual minds are part of an infinite, collective dimension of consciousness he calls the One Mind. This state - which we can all access - explains phenomena as diverse as epiphanies, creative breakthroughs, premonitions of danger or disaster, near- death experiences, communication with other species and with the dead, reincarnation, the movement of herds, flocks, and schools, and remote healing. … through engaging stories, fascinating research, and brilliant insights from great thinkers throughout history…”

Regarding Dr. Dossey, “The author of nine books and numerous articles, Dr. Dossey is the former Executive Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most widely subscribed-to journal in its field. The primary quality of all of Dr. Dossey's work is scientific legitimacy, with an insistent focus on ‘what the data show.’ As a result, his colleagues in medical schools and hospitals all over the country trust him, honor his message, and continually invite him to share his insights with them. He has lectured all over the world…” What Dr. Dossey has done, for more than 25 years, is bring the scientific analytical model to what Eastern civilization has known for millenia, that is: the definite conflation of your subjective world with your objective world. That is, the profound pre-existing connection you already have between your inner experience and the world around you. To learn to discern where the two actually intersect and enfold requires the rigor of personal experience combined with refined knowledge and wisdom.

Through refining the process of self observation, you can learn to not only notice your ego and its workings, you can also learn to see beyond your ego, and learn how to get to the depths of: acceptance, acknowledgement, and release of attachment. You can gain more direct access to the subtle workings of your heart, and you can begin to experience a more profound knowing of your soul. It is a process, in part subjective, and it is where the rubber hits the road: in your objective experience, in your world.

One very powerful way to accomplish the deepening of the tactical practices is through the science of mantra meditation. The science of mantra meditation as I teach it is based in 40+ years of practical knowledge and experience and 20+ years of personal experience with masters in that science. It teaches a deepening of the understanding of the relationships between your mind, your heart and your soul. It its not a belief system. It is a system of mechanisms, formulas, and skills which are acquired over time. It is based in what you already know: your mind, your heart and your experiences

in your world.

I am introducing a course called: Inspire Your Self and Your World From the Inside Out to deepen the strategy of the tactical practices of observation, acceptance, acknowledgement, release, and surrender. That strategic process can build what, in the science of the soul, is known as soul capacity. Again, not a belief system, it is an acknowledgement based in ancient science that works with consciousness to open your mind and heart to more of what is already there, that which is begging to become more your direct experience. You can develop discernment of the reality of your subtle impressions as distinct from the machinations of your monkey mind. And from that discernment, you can become more open to the conversation that is already going on between your mind, your heart and your soul.

Not a belief system, and therefore not in conflict with any belief system, it is rather a system of mechanical, formulaic processes to help you to be more conscious of whom you really are, why you are really here, and how to be more effective in your world, from your personal and inter-personal world to your global world. Please visit my website for more details.

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